Pro-Business Climate

Virginia is the Best State for Business

Virginia provides a wealth of opportunities, a great atmosphere for development and expansion, and leadership that truly understands the importance of maintaining the best business environment for economic prosperity. Virginia's profit-friendly environment is due to:

Major Companies Consider Virginia the Ideal Location

Because of the supportive, business-friendly climate, competitive environment and ease of doing business, many companies consider Virginia their ideal choice. The Commonwealth is home to:

  • Headquarters of over 40 firms with annual revenue over $1 billion
  • Three companies on the Forbes list of “America’s Largest Private Companies”
  • 22 Fortune 500 firms
  • More than 700 internationally-based companies from 45 countries with more than $8.3 billion of investment
  • Since 2001, manufacturing companies have invested $14.5 billion and created more than 72,000 new jobs in Virginia and nearly $4 billion in capital investment


Pro-Business Advantages for Companies

  • Strategic east-coast location and excellent infrastructure provide easy access to national and global markets
  • Stable, low tax costs for corporations and individuals and a 6% corporate income tax
  • Minimized payroll costs with low worker’s compensation rates and a low unemployment tax
  • Favorable business environment that protects “at will” and “right-to-work” employment practices
  • One of the highest-ranked states in high-technology employment
  • 29 established Technology Zones
  • A vibrant and diverse multi-cultural community where employees can live and work
  • An experienced, educated and productive workforce puts Virginia in the top 10 states for productivity
  • Recruitment and training programs to help businesses become operational faster and maintain their competitive advantage
  • More than 1,800 qualified buildings and sites located across the Commonwealth
  • Available sites can easily be searched on VirginiaScan


Virginia Invests in its Economic Future

A variety of performance-based incentives, from tax credits to tax exemptions, are Virginia’s investment in its economic future. The Commonwealth works enthusiastically with new and expanding employers who demonstrate a willingness to invest in those who invest in Virginia, create a high standard of living for Virginians, and enhance local and state economies through increased revenue growth.



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