BPO Companies in VA July 2019

Virginia’s Success in Services Operations

The deep talent pool and competitive costs in Virginia have proven to be reasons why major business services companies have located customer service, BPO centers, and other service operations around Virginia. Significant BPO clusters naturally exist in Virginia's metro areas as a result of talent pipeline, robust connectivity, and access to markets. Virginia’s middle market cities and rural locations can serve as attractive options for companies seeking to relocate operations centers of excellence out of higher-cost areas.

Radford University

Radford University

A Skilled and Talented Workforce

Virginia has a deep and versatile available talent pool to meet a company’s needs, fed by one of the country’s largest and most successful higher education systems, which ensures a pipeline of skilled, educated workers.

Virginia’s universities are training the talent of tomorrow. Virginia is known for its world-class higher education system that provides a strong pipeline of new graduates from local and regional universities. The Virginia Community College System, comprising 23 community colleges, provides occupational and technical training programs, many of which are designed specifically to meet the needs of nearby industries.

During the 2018–2019 academic year, over 85,000 Virginia students enrolled in secondary, postsecondary, and adult-level CTE programs in the fields of marketing, finance, and business management and administration, giving them hands-on experience at an early age in areas relevant to headquarters. 

In addition, many Virginia Community Colleges Offer Customer Service Representative or Related Credentials.

Virginia Values Its Veterans

Each year, thousands of skilled workers exit the U.S. military in Virginia, providing a steady pipeline of dedicated, specialized talent to a variety of industries. This large military presence contributes to a robust workforce, with large populations of military spouses who serve as an additional source of talent for business services operations.


Virginia is home to over 177,000 veterans under the age of 45, the 4th-largest population in the country.


Military veterans have been hired through the Commonwealth's V3 program since its inception in 2012.


Each year, thousands of servicemen and women exit the military from Virginia's 30 military installations, including over 21,000 in FY19 alone.

We chose to locate a new facility in Norfolk because of the thriving business climate in the city and Commonwealth. We have the opportunity to attract a diverse workforce that will make significant contributions to ADP and add value to the client experience. We look forward to building long-lasting relationships with the people of Norfolk and Virginia.

Debbie Dyson President, National Account Services, ADP

Washington Dulles International Airport

Virginia is Well Connected

Headquarters located in Virginia tap into a modern transportation infrastructure that supports a seamless connection with national and international companies and clients. Virginia’s expansive and well-maintained road network makes economic choices like car travel more pleasurable for employees, and the state’s strategic East Coast location facilitates speedy travel to commerce capitals across the country and globe – from the heart of Virginia’s state capitol in Richmond, businesses are a 5-hour drive from New York City and an 4-hour drive from Charlotte, North Carolina. For organizations that prefer or require air travel, 16 commercial airports offer nonstop flights to 100+ domestic and 50+ international destinations. 

Virginia also offers businesses and their employees access to environmentally-friendly solutions to pollution and congestion after investing billions of dollars in public transit infrastructure, with plans for investing billions more in the next decade. As a result of these investments, Virginia ranks No. 1 among Southeastern states for the usage of public transit, with as much as 15% of the workforce opting to use public transit in major urban areas of the state.  

America's Top State For Business

Consistently ranked as one of the top states for business, Virginia is home to many major business services operations. Virginia offers a low cost of operations, stable taxes, and an acclaimed business environment. But more than that, the Commonwealth has a demonstrated capability – and desire – to partner with companies to find success and grow in Virginia.

CNBC_#3 Best State for Business-Workforce
Ranking Top Regulatory Environment
Forbes_#1_Best States for Business - Quality of Life

A Competitive Cost Environment for Business Services Operations

Electricity Rates

are below the U.S. average at 6.24 cents per kilowatt hour vs. 7.01 cents nationally

Unemployment Insurance Taxes

are the 5th-lowest in the nation and 43% lower than the national average

Building Costs

range from 7% to 19% below the national average, depending on the region

A Great Place to Live

Virginia has emerged as a magnet for young talent, many of whom come from in-state or regional universities. Virginia’s diverse, affordable, and authentic communities provide a great place for young talent to live. The local restaurant scene in many regions is thriving, there are a multitude of outdoor activities, and the craft beer culture is booming. The Commonwealth is where young talent wants to be.

A company will find all of the amenities necessary to recruit and retain a professional workforce in Virginia, including colleges and universities that offer specialized business and technical degrees.

McAfee Knob

McAfee Knob

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Beach Boardwalk

Virginia Tech Aerial

Virginia Tech

Home to Great College Towns

Virginia’s esteemed colleges and universities are located in some of the greatest college towns in the country, and many young grads want to stay in these areas. Blacksburg, home to Virginia Tech, is the location of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center, with over 3,300 employees and nearly 200 companies.

You will find similar examples throughout Virginia; in Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, and Wise. Larger cities in Virginia also have a major student presence, like Richmond, Norfolk, and Fredericksburg, serving as a rich base of recruitable talent for a company’s operations.

The pipeline of young talent graduating from Virginia’s universities in rural locations makes them attractive for BPO and service centers. Quality of life combined with a low cost of living are distinct advantages for rural-based service centers – examples exist throughout rural Virginia in places like Buchanan County, where Sykes Enterprises expanded employment by 100 to serve its global client base.