Economic development is a team sport. VEDP maintains a diverse set of tools and resources to support our partners’ success.

Marketing Resources

Marketing Virginia as a business location destination is an important component of economic development. As the Commonwealth further invests in integrated marketing initiatives and lead generation activities to tell its story, VEDP will develop marketing materials and collateral to enhance the efforts of our economic development partners.

Resources Database

The Resources Database provides Virginia’s state, regional, and local economic development partners marketing assets such as reports, templates, maps, photos, rankings, quotes, and more.

Sites and Buildings Resources

Quality sites and buildings available for consideration are critical to the site selection process. Here, you can manage your site content on the Commonwealth’s sites and buildings database, VirginiaScan, and access resources to improve your community’s product inventory.


iVS is a password-protected tool which provides the ability to manage and retrieve data about Virginia’s sites, buildings, localities, and regions.

Sites and Buildings Data Sheets

These documents are provided as a resource to gather information displayed in VEDP’s sites & buildings search tool.

Business Ready Sites Program

The Virginia Business Ready Sites Program (VBRSP) promotes characterization and development of industrial and commercial sites.

Virginia Brownfields Fund

The Virginia Brownfields Restoration and Economic Redevelopment Assistance Fund (VBAF) provides either grants or loans to local governments to promote the restoration and redevelopment of brownfield sites.

Rights-of-Way Program Certification

The Rights-of-Way Certification Program may allow the utility to acquire rights-of-way for the ordinary extension of utility facilities in the normal course of business to one or more qualified economic development sites and to recover costs incurred, subject to approval by the State Corporation Commission (SCC).

Electric Infrastructure Program

The Electric Infrastructure Program allows electric utilities to recover costs incurred to construct, operate, and maintain transmission lines and associated substations installed to provide service to a business park when found eligible for a rate adjustment approved by the State Corporation Commission (SCC).

Data and Reports

VEDP maintains multiple data sets about the Commonwealth’s economic competitiveness and business activity. The resources in this section are intended to provide state, regional, and local partners with information to support their economic development efforts.

Virginia Localities Database

This tool enables Virginia’s localities to compare themselves with other communities in the Commonwealth. Data includes population, employment, education, and income.

Announcements and Closings Databases

These databases provide information about business direct investment and new jobs as well as reductions and business closings in Virginia.

GIS Open Data Portal

This portal provides high quality spatial data as well as data visualization products, allowing users to quickly access and explore VEDP’s public GIS resources.

VEDP Reports and Publications

These documents are provided as resource documents for Virginia’s economic development community.

International Company Directory

This directory allows users to search for verified, internationally owned company locations in Virginia based on country of origin, Virginia location, name, or business description. It includes traded sector companies only.

Virginia Office of Education Economics (VOEE)

The Virginia Office of Education Economics (VOEE) provides a unified, consistent source of analysis for policy development and implementation related to talent development.

Partner Information

Stay in the know about who’s who in Virginia’s economic development community and who does what at VEDP.

Partner Contact Information

Find contact information for Virginia’s economic development partners and resource providers.

VEDP Regional Representatives

VEDP has staff embedded regionally throughout the Commonwealth. Business Retention, Talent Solutions, and International Trade Managers serve as resources for existing Virginia businesses. 

VEDP Orientation

VEDP offers quarterly Economic Development (ED) 101 and VEDP Orientation sessions to leaders and practitioners involved in economic development across Virginia.