No Cost to Companies That Choose Virginia

Virginia Talent Accelerator Program services are offered at no cost to eligible new and expanding companies considering multiple states for projects that will generate new jobs and capital investment. Eligible projects include manufacturing and a range of business service operations including technology development centers and corporate headquarters.

An Agile Approach Generates Rapid Results

The Virginia Talent Accelerator’s talent acquisition and instructional design work is elevated by a talented team of video producers, graphic designers, and 3D animators whose focus is developing highly customized visual media to expedite recruitment and accelerate new hire learning through visualization. Having this expertise in-house ensures a highly responsive and coordinated approach, enabling clients to begin taking delivery of services before their project is even announced.

Access to Virginia's Rich Talent Ecosystem

While all Virginia Talent Accelerator Program services are developed in-house, the talent resources our clients gain access to go beyond the program's comprehensive deliverables. Every manufacturing project is structured as a partnership with the nearest community college. This gives clients direct access to pipelines of mechatronics talent. And every project will be connected with Virginia's world-class universities including all five HBCUs. That's in addition to helping clients leverage the resources offered by Virginia Career Works and other providers of employer support.

A Comprehensive Approach Featuring Highly Customized Solutions

Every client has a unique operation. That's why every Virginia Talent Accelerator project starts with a needs analysis focused on understanding a client's best practices in recruiting and training. The goal is to collaboratively identify the best ways to deploy the Virginia Talent Accelerator Program’s expertise and comprehensive resources to expedite recruitment and shorten the new hire learning curve.

Customized Media Development Services

Broadcast-quality videos, website development, 3D animations, etc. to accelerate recruitment and learning through visualization

Talent Acquisition Services

Data-driven campaigns featuring robust advertising and a range of services to generate large pools of qualified candidates for positions at all levels of the organization

Pre-Hire Training/Assessments

Brief training on representative tasks and job expectations to enable company and candidates to preview one another for fit

Compliance and Core Skills Training

Compliance and level-setting training including OSHA safety and precision measuring, as well as PLCs for the maintenance team

Process Level Training

Highly customized training to set the context for all jobs; covering receiving to shipping, with a focus on the why’s

Procedure Level Training

Highly customized training and support to teach production team members “how to” perform specific job tasks

Organizational Development (OD) Training

Training to coalesce new workers into a team through a shared experience learning company values, conflict resolution, teamwork, etc.

Operational Excellence (OE) Training

An extension of OD training on tools that improve productivity and quality including Lean, 5S, Value Stream Mapping, A3 Thinking, etc.

Leadership Skills Training

Training to ensure managers share a common approach to leadership aligned with company values. Includes more depth in OD and OE training

The Virginia Talent Accelerator Program really caught my eye because our number one issue is training our workforce, and the results have been fantastic.

Mike Ownbey Morgan Olson

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The Virginia Talent Accelerator Program Leadership Team Has Extensive Experience Working With Facility Startups and Industry Leaders

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