VBRSP is a discretionary program to promote development and characterization of sites to enhance the Commonwealth’s infrastructure and promote its competitive business environment. The program’s goal is to identify, assess, and improve the readiness of potential industrial sites, which must contain a minimum of 100 contiguous, developable acres.

VBRSP was developed by a team of state, regional, and local stakeholders including VEDP, DEQ, railroad representatives, utility representatives, civil engineers, and other government, business, and industry representatives. Grants are considered on a competitive basis and made at the discretion of the VBRSP Project Review Committee and the Funding Approval Committee.

Program Overview

The VBRSP has two components: 

  • Site Characterization - to assess and designate a site’s current level of development, and
  • Site Development - to further develop a pool of potential sites across the Commonwealth 

In an effort to develop a portfolio of viable sites across the Commonwealth, VBRSP grants are available to assist with the costs associated with the initial assessment and the development required to increase a site’s currently designated Tier Level to a higher Tier Level (see Site Development Program Guidelines for Tier Level definitions).

Please refer to the program guidelines for eligibility requirements.