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All Staff

Jason El Koubi
President and CEO
Executive Office
jelkoubi [at]
Stephanie Agee
Senior Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer
International Trade
sagee [at]
Sneha Atwal
Vice President, Manufacturing Division
satwal [at]
Vince Barnett
Senior Vice President
Strategic Projects and Lead Generation
vbarnett [at]
Anita Begnaud
Vice President
Marketing & Communications
abegnaud [at]
Melissa Cox
Vice President of Human Resources
Human Resources
mcox [at]
David Devan
Vice President
Economic Competitiveness
ddevan [at]
Michael Dreiling
Vice President
Real Estate Solutions
mdreiling [at]
Katherine Goodwin
Senior Vice President
Business Investment
kgoodwin [at]
Bob Grenell
Fiscal & Support Services
bgrenell [at]
Mike Grundmann
Senior Vice President
Virginia Talent Accelerator Program
mgrundmann [at]
Stephen Hartka
Vice President
shartka [at]
Chris Hughes
Vice President
Information Technology
chughes [at]
Eric Jehu
Vice President
Transportation & Logistics
ejehu [at]
Nicole Riley
Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategic Partnerships
Executive Office
nriley [at]
Ted Sniffin
Vice President
Knowledge Work
tsniffin [at]
Tim Stuller
Vice President
Regional Talent Solutions and Business Outreach
tstuller [at]
Lisa Wallmeyer
General Counsel
Executive Office
lwallmeyer [at]
Adam Watkins
Assistant Vice President
Economic Competitiveness
awatkins [at]
Abigail Wescott
Managing Director, External Affairs
External Affairs
awescott [at]