VER Q2 2024 Full Cover Imagery featuring shipping containers in a puzzle format

Virginia Economic Review

This issue of Virginia Economic Review explores the state of the supply chain in an increasingly global, post-pandemic world. Article highlights include:

  • The Quest for Supply Chain Balance
  • Future Focused
  • Site Selectors Seek Supply Chain Predictability
  • Dulles Builds Cargo Reputation on Flexibility
  • Making Shipping Easier for Manufacturers
  • Building a Supply Chain Workforce in Hampton Roads

Past Issues

VER Q1 2024 Full Cover Design

First Quarter 2024

This issue details the benefits of foreign direct investment to companies, communities, and employees, and highlights Virginia as an advantageous location for foreign companies.

VEDP Q4 2023 Cover

Fourth Quarter 2023

This issue details Virginia’s extensive history serving energy-intensive industries and the Commonwealth’s efforts to transform its energy production to meet the needs of the industries of the future.

VER Q3 2023 Cover Imagery

Third Quarter 2023

This issue features a deep dive into the emerging industry of quantum computing, a field with the potential to unlock innovations for companies across a wide swath of industries.

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Myra Blanco, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Rethinking the Supply Chain From Dock to Door: A Conversation With Myra Blanco

July 8, 2024

Chief Growth Officer, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute

Lance Harcrow, Chief Operating Officer, Estes Forwarding Worldwide

The Value of Data: A Conversation With Lance Harcrow

July 8, 2024

Chief Operating Officer, Estes Forwarding Worldwide

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