Virginia Economic Review 4th Quarter Big Data

Virginia Economic Review

The current issue of Virginia Economic Review explores the world of Big Data, the explosion of cloud computing and data center investment, and how data is remaking industries and altering the geography of economic opportunity. Article highlights include:

  • What’s Driving the Data Boom?
  • How Virginia Became the Data Center Capital of the World
  • Down to a [Data] Science
  • Southern Virginia Rewrites Its Economic Story

Past Issues

Third Quarter Publication

Third Quarter 2019

This issue explores the various dimensions of America’s rural growth challenge and how Virginia is seeking to leverage its distinctive strengths to buck national trends.

VEDP Q2 Cover

Second Quarter 2019

This issue explores the future of manufacturing in the U.S. as envisioned by C-level executives at some of America’s leading manufacturers.

VEDP Q1 Cover

First Quarter 2019

The first issue is all about tech companies, tech talent, and tech education in one of America’s top states for tech.

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Podcast with Joel Kotkin Virginia Economic Review 4th Quarter

The Future of Cities: A Conversation With Joel Kotkin

January 11, 2020

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Podcast with Steven Brint Virginia Economic Review 4th Quarter

Preparing Students for Sustainable Jobs: A Conversation With Steven Brint

January 11, 2020

Author of “Two Cheers for Higher Education”

Podcast with Tad Deriso Virginia Economic Review 4th Quarter

Connecting Southern Virginia to the World: A Conversation With Tad Deriso

January 11, 2020

President and CEO, Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation

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