Virginia Economic Review cover Q3 2020

Virginia Economic Review

In this issue of Virginia Economic Review, we discuss how advances in aerospace, aviation, and unmanned systems technologies are pushing business in new and exciting directions and how Virginia companies are at the forefront of those shifts. Article highlights include:

  • America’s Unmanned Future
  • Opening the Final Frontier at the Wallops Flight Facility
  • Lowering the (Sonic) Boom at NASA’s Langley Research Center
  • A Welcoming Atmosphere
  • Autonomous Vehicle Companies Build Foundation of Trust

Past Issues

Virginia Economic Review cover Q2 2020

Second Quarter 2020

This special feature issue highlights permanent changes that may occur across various sectors of American life as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Virginia Economic Review Q1 2020 Cover

First Quarter 2020

This issue explores Virginia’s position in the food and beverage processing industry and why so many prominent manufacturers choose to operate in the Commonwealth.

Virginia Economic Review 4th Quarter Big Data

Fourth Quarter 2019

This issue explores how the explosion of data is remaking business across industries and the role Virginia continues to play in that explosion.

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CEO, CTO, and founder of Rocket Lab

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President, College of William & Mary

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